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Read Book Make Money Online

Started by Bravebold, Feb 20, 2024, 02:31 PM

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ReadBook PAYS More than Just Reading only

A DONE FOR YOU  System To  EARN MONEY  While READING where...
We Help You To Earn Money!

Earn  N2,000 N4,000, N8,000, N16,000, N30,000+ "Multiple Times", and We Help You!
We support You To Earn! Keep Reading To Learn More.

1. Register FREE
2. Choose the category of book you want
3. Choose the methods of earning you desire
4. We build a website for. You based on your earning category and promote it by banner adverts
5. We give you 3 members to you team and you earn income. If you share your website to social media is am additional income.
6. You get new member when you post Summary of the book or just make post.

How This Works
 This is easy. There are five types of Reading info and membership categories of our program which you can choose from:

A. Paper Book
B. Ebooks
C. Audiobooks
D. Paper and E Books
E. Ebooks and Audio Books
Each category includes different period of FREE adverts packages banner for your website( similar to this you are reading) including 3 months-5 months, 7 months-9 months-12 months adverts with 3 members to your team guaranteed .

We Help Promote Your ReadBookPays  link using text and banner adverts!
Of course you can also display banner with your link on whatsapp status, groups, Facebooks,Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram and get more that direct 3 people we add to your team.

How It's Done For You
Once you become a paid member or Readbook PAYS, we will add your  banner of your Readbook PAYS website link into our banner rotator that is promoted daily using solo ads, facebook, youtube, safe lists, viral mailers, etc. Your link will stay in rotation for the period of the membership  you choose as indicated! This insures you will get your 3 members added to your team.
 The rotator works by us promoting banner and  that banner rotates our members  website banner and link  in the rotator.

  • man-listening-to-audio-book.jpg
Whenever you finish reading or listening to a book, you can get extra eBook/audio book free after you post the review or summary or your thought about it on your page.Paper Book plus 3 Month Ads

    Paper Book N2,500
  • Free website  similar to this with your name in 1st position
  • Get a paper book
  • 3 month text banner adverts
  • 3  members added to your team
  • Earn multiple income reading

  • Ebooks N5,000

    • Access to 5 ebooks
    • Website like this with you in 1st  position
    • 4 members added to your team
    • 5 months text & banner ads
    • Earn in multiple ways while reading

    Audio Books N7500
  • Access to audio 10 books
  • Website similar to this with you in 1st position
  • 5 members added to your team
  • 7 months text & banner ads
  • Earn multiple stream income reading

    Paper Book + EBooks  Member N7000
  • Access to paper Books and E Books
  • Website similar to site with you in 1st position
  • 6 members added to your team
  • 9 months text & banner ads
  • Earn multiple income streams reading

  Ebooks +Audio Books Member N10,000
  • Access to Ebook and audio Books
  • Website just like this one with your  in 1st position
  • 7 members added to your team
  • 1 year text & banner ads
  • Earn multiple income reading

How you get paid

We operate on an immediate member to member pay system. You simply sign up and make one payment and we pay members the same days immediately not after one week or 2 weeks or 30 days.
Make all payment to admin who will pay sponsors  on that are on the website.
The admin fee is how we are able to keep the website running: Daily marketing to keep visitors flowing to our members advert banner.
The payment we send to your sponsor is the same payment you will get when someone joins through your link.
Please when you join, make sure you are able to offer a reasonable way for you to receive  money .

 We offer the most common ways for you to pay and get paid which is direct payment to your bank account .
Payment to admin is payable by: transfer or direct payment into bank.
All payments are One Time Only. There are no monthly subscriptions.

You are paid commission based on the position you are on your websites and on other members websites
Example. You earn 20% on your website when you are in 1st position and you earn 10% on other member website where you are in 2nd position.
You earn 5% on other member websites where you are on  3rd, 4th and 5th position.
CLICK HERE  for full details of compensation plan

This is not a Scam or some illegal get rich quick scheme!
Earnings come from the Sale of Our Products, and Our products are the info Packages book, ebooks and audio books

Recap of Everything You Get!
 Instant Direct Payments
N2,000-N30,000+ No waiting days, weeks, or months to get paid
 Done 4 You System!
 We Help Promote Your Website link Plus.....
 GUARANTEED 3 people add to your team!
 Display banners link to your website
 Earn Passive Income

Easy Way to Make Money Reading Books Online!

Ready To Join ReadBook Pays?

1.  Sign up FREE
2. Choose your membership category
3. Send appropriate amount of the admin @:
To: Adadis Ventures
Bank : Zenith Bank
Current Account No:  1011979286
Your sponsor: Send sms/whatsapp to  member phone on this website page that you have joined the team and made payment: that you have paid to admin.

1st Position 20%
Isaac Adeleke phone 08053715241
GTBank 0118982100

2nd Position 10%
BELLO Grace phone: 08135688841
 First bank saving account No: 3084737628

3rd Position 5%
Ope ojo phone:
Ojo opeyemi Opay

4th Position 5%
Olabintan Khadijah olamide phone:
Girst bank :  saving A/C :3127304523

5th Position 5%
Abiakwe chidimma E phone:
sterling Bank Account No: 0096382740

After payment send screenshot by sms or WhatsApp to 08933181698. Add your name and bank and phone and  screenshot of members attached below

Yours Sincerely
Founder & CEO ReadBook PAYS 
Admin: Dr. Wale Ayinde
Phone: 08033181698

This websitepage link is and can be shorten at
Contact:  Adadis Ventures, 3 Akinfenwa street off Thomas Salako Street.  Ogba-ikeja Lagos. Phone: 08033181698



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