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Ondo City

Started by Bravebold, Aug 29, 2023, 11:24 PM

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Ondo City

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Ondo City is the second largest City in Ondo State, Nigeria. Ondo City is the trade center for the surrounding region; commercial crops such as yams, cassava, grain, tobacco and cotton are grown, the latter of which is often used to weave a culturally significant cloth known as Aso Oke fabric, which is commonly used to make clothing amongst the local population . Ondo Town is the largest producer of cocoa products in the region.

The title of the king of the town, who reigns as a direct descendant of the fabled Emperor Oduduwa, is "Osemawe". Osamawe title originated from an unusual situation as reported by Nigerian Punch that when the favoured wife of the first Monarch had a set of twins, the king was embarrassed because it was then an abomination. He was so bewildered by the birth of the twins that he exclaimed, 'Ese omo re' (meaning these children are an abomination). It is said that this exclamation has through linguistic evolution changed into 'Osemawe', which is the title of the monarch of Ondo today. The present reigning monarch is Dr. Adesimbo Victor Kiladejo, who was crowned in September 2006 following the death of the former king, Dr. Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye.


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